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Kristof Laermans

Kristof was born on July 23, 1982, in Turnaut city, Belgium.

Kristof Laermans is a hereditary Belgian confectioner and chocolatier, a winner of European culinary competitions, a master of Ter Groene Poorte Confectionery school (Belgium) and a desserts supplier to the royal table since 1830. Kristof's desserts have been appreciated by such show business stars as Nicolas Lombaerts, Jennifer Lopez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lenny Kravitz, Fedor Emelianenko, Jean-Claude Van Damme, as well as the Presidents of European countries and high-ranking officials. Based on his successful many years' experience, Kristof has founded his production in Tervolovo urban-type settlement (Leningrad region), supplying the highest quality desserts to hundreds of cafes and restaurants throughout Russia.

  • lomberts.pngNicolas Lombaerts
  • lopez.pngJennifer Lopez
  • schwartz.pngArnold Schwarzenegger
  • kravetz.pngLenny Kravitz
  • emelyanenko.pngFedor Emelianenko
  • van damm.pngJean-Claude Van Damme
1997 – 1998

Technological Institute of Nutrition, Gilly (Belgium)
Speciality: confectioner.

1998– 2002

Ter Groene Poorte Confectionery School, Bruges (Belgium)
Speciality: confectionery, chocolate, ice cream.

Belgian confectionery courses.

— Work with hot sugar
— Technique of chocolate decorating
— Chocolate calligraphy
— Ice-cream cooking

1997 – 1998

Gatzen Bakery
Gatzen Bakery is one of the main attractions of Antwerp, it is an old bakery with the largest range of bread and cakes in the city.
Position: baker.
Country:: Belgium.


1998 – 2000

Van Der Mooren Confectionery
Van Der Mooren is a classic Belgian confectionery factory specializing in production of European cakes, gateaux, waffles and biscuits.


2000 – 2001

De Baets Chocolate Shop
De Baets is the largest Belgian chocolate confectionery having over 85 stores.


2001 – 2002

Van Beckhoven Confectionery
Robert van Beckhoven is the world famous confectioner, the owner of a huge number of prestigious awards and is one of the few awarded the highest rank of the Master Patissier.
Country:The Netherlands.


2002 – 2003

Hotel Le Crillon
Luxury hotel on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. It accommodated kings, emperors and presidents (Roosevelt, Nixon, Clinton, Bush), movie and show business stars (Madonna, Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin). In 1923, Sergey Yesenin with Aysedera Duncan lived in the hotel. And it is only a few names from a long list of famous guests who stayed here.

2003 – 2004

Huize Van Wely
It is the leading Dutch confectionery, making desserts for the royal court. It has high-ranking officials, diplomats and top officials of the European countries among its regular customers.
Position:senior confectioner.
Country:The Netherlands.


2004 – 2007

The Flying Dutchman Restaurant
It is a carte-de-visite of Saint-Petersburg, an eminent premium restaurant with a unique panoramic view. The restaurant is renowned for its uncompromising quality in food, due to invitation of highly qualified professionals and winners of international culinary competitions to its kitchen. Due to that it has become a favorite place for Russian and foreign elite: politicians, athletes, businessmen, stars of show business.
Position:pastry chef.


2007 — present time

Kristof. Desserts Factory.
It is a high-tech confectionery production in Saint-Petersburg, aimed both at the mass market, and the HoReCa segment. Traditional recipes, natural ingredients, European quality standards allowed once a small production to mushroom very quickly to one of the most notable players in the confectionery market. At the moment, cakes by Kristof are successfully sold in more than 1,000 outlets of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Tver, Murmansk, Vyshny Volochek, Petrozavodsk. Such hypermarkets as Okay, Lenta, Karusel, Metro, Tvoy Dom, and supermarkets like Victoria, Perekrestok, 7 Continent, Polushka, Svezhy are among the main partners of the factory.
Position:founder, pastry chef, development director

2000 – Jacques Saey (Belgium)

The title of a champion for work with hot sugar.


2001 – Jacques Saey (Belgium)

The title of a champion among chocolatiers.


2002 – George Boute (Belgium)

The first place in chocolate tournament.


2005 – Zolotaya Kulina (Russia)

The winner in the Best Dessert Nomination.


2005 – Zolotaya Kulina (Russia)

The second place in Chocolate Art category.


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